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Patricia Mason

Miss Gay Queen of the Desert America 2022 

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If you'd like to donate to Patricia, do so here:

Venmo - @PMasAZ

Cashapp - $PMasAZ

Why I want to be Miss Gay Arizona America.

I've had a long history with the Miss Gay Arizona America Family for a while and will always strive for Excellence.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and friendships that Arizona America has offered me.  I want to pay that kindness forward with love, acceptance, and determination to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles you face.


What is something unique that most people don't know about you.

Most people know I am a music teacher and have been performing my entire life.  I am also a technophile, my father was an electrician and so, growing up I was always surrounded by gadgets.  I learned all I could and can pretty much figure out any technology, by thinking backwards.  


Which former Miss Gay Arizona America do you look up to and why?

I look up to all of them for different reasons. I will highlight one who says I inspired them, which in turn, lights a fire under my bum and helps me strive to continue for excellence.  Grecia Montes D'Occa pulled me aside backstage the night she won MGAA and told me that I inspired her to do everything she could to succeed.  She was 1st alt that year to Miss Gay Phoenix America, I had qualified at the last prelim and she saw the sheer joy in my face as I qualified for state.  1st alternates don't always get the joy that a winner does but it's really about how you handle the situation.  Not only did she win MGAA, she is now a Miss Texas America and has done incredible things.  We were on this journey together, and frankly still on that journey.

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