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Jessica Michaels

Miss Gay Tucson America 2022
1st Alternate

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If you'd like to donate to Jessica, do so here:

 Venmo - @Jessicamichaels1
Cashapp - $JessicaMichaels1

Why I want to be Miss Gay Arizona America.
Why I want to be Miss AZ, It can be summed up in 3 words, COMMUNITY, FAMILY, LOVE!  Its a beautiful crown and jewelry, but it's so much more!! It's a voice for those that feel they don't have one. It's the power to show love to those who don't feel it or even believe they deserve it, and it's a win for not just me but for our COMMUNITY! My COMMUNITY, MY FAMILY! It's my time to give back!

What is something unique most people don't know about you.

Unique about me, Well most wont or don't know I'm a trained certified stunt man (yes ive been lit on fire). I have also fostered and raised two amazing kids that are now back with their mother and doing amazing! ( I still check in from time to time) but what I think that's most unique is my story, coming from such a dark and honestly scary past/childhood to now standing out and helping others!


Which Former Miss Gay Arizona America do you look up to and why?

There are so many Amazing Miss AZ's too just pick one is truly difficult, however one has stood beside me from the beginning, She has lifted me up from my first time stepping on a Prelim stage for Miss AZ. She has called and messaged me to see how I am. She has even kicked my butt when I needed it, and she with the help of Miss Big Booty Judy created my motto that has stuck with me since the beginning........NO NOISE!! TC Taylor welcomed me with open arms, and has been there since day one! There is no way id be where I'm at in system and learned as much as i have if it wasn't for TC Taylor and Big Booty Judy!

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