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Janee Starr

Miss Gay Metropolis America 2022 


Why do I want to be Miss Gay Arizona America?

I think that this question can sometimes be a little difficult to answer because there are several reasons as to why I personally would like to be Miss Gay Arizona America. One of them being I of course would love to be able to include myself along with some of the prestigious winners from the past!! 


During my 24-year career in Female Impersonation Miss Gay Arizona America has always been a  dream and goal of mine!  The dream has been a driving force in my art ever since I attended Miss Gay Tucson America in 1999!

One of the most exciting and inspiring things to expect from claiming the Coveted title of Miss Gay Arizona America is opportunity for us to use the title as a platform to share with our communities our passions, desires, and the things that we believe in and want to make a difference with!  I think the Miss Gay America Pageantry system in general really allows, and encourages for those platforms to be amplified!  It provides the opportunity to be much more visible, and have a much wider audience which can in turn help you to be able to achieve those dreams and goals that you have in mind or elevate the events and organizations that you have a passion for!

Something(s) unique that most people don't know about you.
I had the very distinct honor of being crowned the Emeritus Miss Gay Teen Tucson 1998!
I've seen every single season/episode of The Office countless times!
My very first show was September 5th, 1998, and the very 1st song I ever publicly performed was Janet Jackson's  "Rope Burn" at the Gateway Villas Bed and Breakfast in Tucson,Az!
One of my favorite things to eat is Chef Boyardee Ravioli, cold, with a fork straight out of the can, with hot sauce!  Takes me back to my childhood 😃!

Which former Miss Gay Arizona America do you look up to, and why?
I feel like this is another question that has multiple answers. I feel that there are many Forever Miss Gay Arizona America's from the past that have aspects about them that I look up to!!  All of those attributes have all added individual components that have cumulated into creating the Performer that I am within the Miss Gay America Pageantry System.  Whether it be poise,grace, beauty, administration, performing, hosting, judging, ect !!  The list goes on and on, but I feel that each and every Forever Miss Gay Arizona America has had some aspect to them, and their reign that I definitely look up to!

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