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Franzia McKenzie

Miss Gay Queen of the Desert America 
1st Alternate


If you'd like to donate to Franzia, do so here:

Venmo: HBIC6030
CASHAPP: $xoxofranzia

Why I want to be Miss Gay Arizona America.
I want to be Miss Gay Arizona America because it is a state legacy, a sisterhood, and something I have always respected and valued. From the promoters whom support to the talented individuals and community who have been what makes Arizona so excellent I would be honored for the opportunity.

What is something unique that most people don't know about you.
Something unique about myself that most don’t know about me is even though my drag name is after a boxed wine I don’t actually drink. I just pride myself on being the affordable yet classy option found in refrigerators around the world.

Which former Miss Gay Arizona America do you look up to and why?
It’s impossible to just choose one , from my beautiful drag mother Mya Mckenzie, to my supportive and amazing friend Savannah Stevens, to our current Miss Gay Arizona Sicarya Seville the love, support, and leadership I’ve witnessed first hand is something I will treasure always.

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