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Fiona the Hippo

Miss Gay Melrose America 2022 

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Why I want to be Miss Gay Arizona America.
I want to be your next Miss Gay Arizona America because I love compeition, the creative process of pageantry, and I want to leave a lasting legacy on the America system. I have a unique point of view and would like to use that to push the Miss Gay America system forward to be more inclusive, and help the system to evolve into a more modern acceptance of the everchanging art of drag, while still keeping to it’s core values. I own multiple businesses, so I believe I would be able to represent Arizona in a professional light, as well as from the viewpoint of a small business owner. We as Drag Artists are all running a small business and juggling the roles of Booking Agents, Social Media Managers, Book-keepers, and Entertainers. I would like to help my fellow artists become stronger in these skills to hopefully elevate drag here in Arizona. 


Additionally, I would like to destigmatize talking about mental health and addiction, while
making access to these services more attainable to the Queer Community. Sometimes the hardest step is the first one, and having easy, continued available access to mental health services makes that first step maybe not as scary. Substance abuse is an easy spiral in our line of work, and having resources at your fingertips allows my community to easily get help if and when they need it. We have made HIV testing so readily available, I believe we should have the same access to mental health services as well. My goal is to partner with several providers that specialize in LGBTQ+ issues, and help raise money for treatment to bridge the gap between insurance and out of pocket expenses for those that need it.  

What is something unique that most people don't know about you?

I am a second generation Phoenix native and have deep roots here! Not many know that I’m adopted along with my brother, Colin. We were adopted from different birth families, and both raised knowing we were adopted; being told how much we were loved and wanted and that our parents sought us out to bring us home to make a family. Additionally, my family is very Catholic. So Catholic, in fact, that I have several uncles who are priests, a couple nuns, and the big star is my Second Cousin, Bishop Olmstead, the Bishop of Phoenix. 

Which former Miss Gay Arizona America do you look up to and why?

Espressa Grande, Former Miss Gay Arizona America is someone that I really look up to. They exude so much love and positivity as well as being a smart business person. Espressa is professional, powerful and kind. No matter what mood I’m in, their enthusiasm and positive affirmations create such an electric environment around them, you can’t help but want to bask in their radiance. No matter what’s going on in Espressa’s personal life, they are always ready and willing to lend advice, their shoulder, or sometimes, a necessary pep talk! I believe she is an amazing example of someone in the America System, and has truly continued to embody what it means to represent not only the title, but as an ambassador to and for the Queer Community of Arizona. 

If you'd like to donate to Fiona, do so here:

Venmo: fionathehippo

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